If you like to rock and you are also a fan of musicals that compare to the rocky horror picture show and grease then you will have to go and see the rock musical Rent which is touring the world at the moment and currently in theatres in Houston. Jonathan Larson was the mastermind behind the lyrics which depict a tale of struggling artists and musicians who are trying to scratch a living in New York City. It is a difficult time for most of them as people offer some of the characters things that are too good to be true while other characters are influenced easily by the wrong sort of people. HIV Aids is a constant threat on the mind of many people living in New York which affect the characters greatly. During the musical you will see some characters pass and go while other new ones pop in later down the track. There are a few surprises to keep you lively during the show as well as some great singing and acting from many of the stars.

Originally the theatre production was only a three week workshop however because of the exceptional reaction from the public and new fans they decided to make it into a full time tour not long after the first few weeks. This statement in itself is a great reference for going to see the musical because you don’t want to miss out while it is coming to a theatre near you or even if you have to go out of your way to go and see it somewhere else. The musical won a Pulitzer Prize however Larson the creator did not live to see the award or anything after the night of the premiere. The musical was so successful that it had several touring shows so far plus several foreign productions plus the motion picture that was released in 2005. The rent musical had made a name for itself from the very beginning which is why Larson’s death is difficult to bear because we all know he could have created so much more for the world to see. The production Rent Musical grossed more than $250 million over its 12 year run in the theatres.